Matt Matsuda
Digital Artist
Las Vegas, Nevada / LinkTree ​​​​​​​
Bachelor of Fine Art (Video, Sculpture, Photography)
Cornish College of the Arts, Seattle, WA -  2014
Pilchuck Glass School
Stanwood, WA - Animating Light, Session 3 2013
Future Perfect Main Stage, The TriLLogies, 2016 
Archway Installations, Cascadia Arts and Music Festival, 2015
The DownTemple Stage and Galactic Portal, Photosynthesis Festival 2014
Mandala, The Closet Gallery, 2013
Dream Machine, The Closet Gallery, 2013
BFA Thesis Exhibition, Cornish College, 2014
To Dance in a Meadow, Urban Light Studios, 2014
# Show, The Closet Gallery, 2014
Fractal Freewall, Dreamdance Opening Season 3, 2013
IETI PlaHaus, Intiman Theatre, 2013
Surrender to the Flow, The Collabratory in the Main Gallery, 2013
I am a reflection of you, Pilchuck Main Gallery, 2013
Re-connect, Cornish College of the Arts, 2013
Digitize Me, Cornish College of the Arts Notions, 2013
Currency, Cornish College of the Arts, 2013
RIP Kevin, Fred Wildlife Reserve, 2012
Weyerhauser, Cornish College Roll Call, 2012
Molecule, Cornish College Roll Call, 2011
Pilchuck Glass School 
Summer Scholarship, 2013
Cornish College Fine Art Scholarship
Photographer’s Forum 
Best College Photography Finalist, 2011
Under My skin
City Arts Magazine, Seattle, WA
Inside pilchuck
City Arts Magazine, Seattle, Wa
City Arts Magazine, Seattle, Wa
Peak Hour
City Arts Magazine, Seattle, Wa
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